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    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Socialist Pro-Abortion Blog, "" Makes The Real George Washington Cry Wooden Tears

    I'm a huge fan of American history, I'm often tempted to file HBO's John Adams and various Ken Burns documentaries in with my pornography collection. Over the years I've found that George Washington is many things to many people; for James Manship George Washington is a 4'2" blogger who posts nearly incomprehensible sentence fragments about how the Founding Fathers did nothing but masturbate to the term "Christian Nation" and is interested in, according to this blogspot profile:


    * Dipshitary
    * Founding Fathers I know nothing about
    * Show Tunes
    * Internet Fights
    * Cosplay
    * Inaccurate History
    * Casual Encounters t4m
    * Words with Friends
    * Misrepresenting Thomas Jefferson
    * BBWs

    Note: If his current interests are not the same as above, he obviously updated them and does not prove that I made it all up.

    Believe me, I wanted to make gay porn jokes because his last name is "Manship" but I, unfortunately, could not find a single gay porn movie named "Manship," so you'll have to make your own in the comments section.

    Anyway... Wonkette and its goons took to the internets and found this guy:

    (The one on the right who doesn't look sort of melted)

    Then, as any Redcoat in his or her right mind would do, they proceeded to make fun of him for requesting people cum on pictures of Martha Washington on various anonymous image boards.

    The internets is serious business.