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    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Sometimes they surprise you

    If you know me, or my politics -- and if you know me you DO know my politics, you know that I'm proud of labels like "Progressive" or "Liberal" and even sometimes "Democrat" (but not often.)

    I bring to you a video clip that seems to indicate something the current Conservative party does not often display. It's similar to tolerance, I think.

    You see, there is this terrible motherfucker named Ryan Sorba, he likes to talk about the "Born Gay Hoax." If you Google his name right now, you'll learn that he is a "Spicy" (extra gay) Google trend.

    Ryan Sorba was asked to speak at CPAC (Conservative's Penis Anus Connection*) about... Who knows really what he was supposed to talk about. Probably reading some Ronald Reagan fan-fiction. Ryan Sorba is a representative of California Young Americans for Freedom; an awkwardly named organization that does something stupid and is supported by equally stupid people.

    As it turns out, Ryan Sorba is too hateful for even the folks at CPAC:

    *It actually means something far less juvenile, but I'm too tired to look it up.


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